A great recording isn't dependent on what software, which microphones or even what instruments are used to create it - it relies on the people involved. A good relationship between performer and producer is vital to adding that next level edge to your tracks.

At Rage/Love Records you'll work side by side with producer, musician, engineer and composer Fletcher Horne to help transform your songs from great into something truly special. It's the little things that add up to make a killer performance, and having the guidance to get the most out of your tracks and arrangements is what will help you to stand out from the crowd.


When it comes to your project, mixing is the final piece in the puzzle and where we're at our prime here at Rage/Love. Whether it's a session you've done with us or something you've tracked somewhere else, a quality mix that is true to your creative vision is the key to an end product that youĂ­ll take pride in.

Specialising in - however definitely not limited to - heavy and pop genres, our aim is to take the sounds you are hearing in your head and get them pumping out of our speakers. A good set of ears and a well treated room are essential to getting the most out of your music - luckily for you we have both here at Rage/Love.


The final manipulation of your two-channel stereo mixes, putting the final touches and polish on them to make it truly the best it can be. This service also includes track ordering, spacing, crossfades and prep for final delivery formats to distribution/replication such as .wav or .ddp.